Function and Mission

Function and Mission

1 . Function 

     The RIAThas function in scientific research, technology transfer, design, manufacturing, participating in training and implementation of international cooperation in the field of mechanical engineering, machine and equipment, electrical, electronics, information technology and communications, construction, environmental, industrial management and other related fields.

2. Mission

     The mission of scientific research, technology transfer:

     The RIAT perform the tasks of research and technology transfer sectors: Industrial Development and High Technology, modern control and automation systems, materials Technology, Machinery and Equipment, Electrical - Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing, Energy, Information Technology and Communications, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Management and sustainable industrial development. In particular, the institute focused towards research and development applications.

     Training mission

      Undergraduate Education: Supporting to improve the quality of training for fields of Industrial Engineering of the members of TNU, organizing training some new fields of industrial engineering.

     Postgraduate education: some fields of new technologies according to the development of the Institute and Thai Nguyen University.


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